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ZedMed was conceived keeping the highest standards and diverse customer needs in mind. In today’s time, when pharmacies are divided into the category of old school neighborhood shop or completely app-based service provider, We at ZedMed combine Loyalty & Reliability of the shop through centralization of processes based on technology.


Abhinav Bhaskar
Abhinav Bhaskar CEO & CFO
Seasoned entrepreneur and sales guru, Abhinav has 12 years of experience leading multiple 10+ crore ventures before ZedMed. Abhinav was founder-CEO of a real estate development firm (Commonweal Infrastructure private limited) and more recently CEO of an Import and Distributions Venture (AVC Distributions Venture) his business development and sales expertise has seen ZedMed deliver unprecedented growth in its infancy
Vikram Bir Singh
Vikram Bir SinghCMO & COO
Founder CEO of India’s first donut Franchise, DONUT MASTER, Vikram is a experienced entrepreneur with holdings in several business in India and Australia. He has been a joint director and COO of Commonweal Infrastructure private limited and AVC Distributions before co-founding ZedMed. Vikram lead operations and Marketing efforts at Zedmed and his innovative marketing initiatives have been invaluable for ZedMed’s growth and success.

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To reach all corners of Delhi NCR in phase one 2019-2024 and deliver our best service to our customers.


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To be the most trusted pharmacy for our customers, for their health and wellness needs by consistently understanding their demand and doing our best to fulfil them.